About Show Me Tours

Show Me Tours is a small family business, whose mission is providing excellent service in personalizing trips to New York City, Boston and/or Washington DC for your family or group. Whether you are a big school theater group that wants to learn all about Broadway in New York City, or you are a family that wants to delve deep into the history of Washington DC, we will customize everything according to your interests and needs with a personal touch that will make you feel like family.



Daniel Ellis

Founder and President

When I visited New York City with my senior class in high school back in the 80s, I fell in love with the city and knew it would be my next home. I originally moved to NYC to pursue an acting career, and with some moderate success, was getting burned out with the various jobs I had to take to survive. In 2000, I went on a trip to England, and I went on a Jack the Ripper Tour led by a local actress. The tour was fascinating and I realized I didn’t need to wait tables or do any other crazy jobs to live in the city and practice my craft of acting. With my B.A. in History Education and my love for people and for NYC, I knew this was my calling. After receiving my tour guide license, I started out on red Double Decker buses and then moved up to walking tours with various companies. Show Me Tours was created in 2001 when I realized I had a passion for creating better itineraries for those visiting the city as well as provide better, personalized service.


Gina Ellis

Co-owner and Office Manager

While I was landing for the first time in New York City on November 1st, 2005, the Statue of Liberty was right outside my window. As I gazed on this important symbol of freedom, I said to myself “I’m going to stay in this city until I really get to know it.” Throughout my 20s, I had traveled to over 30 countries and lived at many different addresses. I had been so concentrated on working or studying, that I never really got to learn about the places where I had lived. Little did I know on that airplane, that I would meet Daniel and start working for Show Me Tours less than a year later. I got to know New York City significantly more than the average New Yorker. While we were dating, Daniel and I would often end up in some random neighborhood in NYC, he would stop dead in his tracks and say something like “I think this is where so and so did such and such in the year ______!” Oftentimes, this would be followed by a long pause, so he could look on his phone to make sure he was right (he always was!) and read more about the event or the neighborhood.

I have been the Office Manager for Show Me Tours since July 2006. I created systems for all the behind the scenes operations of the business. I have kept it going for almost 20 years now, through three children, three moves, and a pandemic.

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